1949 Monroe HS Yearbook

Senior Dance Band

I uploaded the 1949 yearbook for Monroe High School in Rochester. There were pictures for 275 seniors and 3 seniors that did not have a picture in the yearbook. This is the 25th class to graduate from the school.

This school had a lot of activities for the students  including a group for students interested in working on radio plays. The senior choir is huge.

The sports teams are all large except for the men’s bowling and tennis team.

There are 3 pages that have a mix of baby pictures and candid photos.

The Rochester Public Library has yearbooks online for Monroe HS for the years 1927 (first graduating class) to 1940. Go to their School Heritage Collection web page to see all that they have available.


  1. Dick, if you ever come across 1948 Monroe High School year book, I would love to see it. A friend of mine was in that class. Recently a neighbor moved away and his family held an estate sale. I rescued two year books from Franklin high school, 1961 and 1957 if you are interested. They were the property of Ernest DuBois, an African-American history teacher at the school.

  2. Dick, thank you for posting this. My mother, Helen Flieger was a senior at MHS in 1949. She was the granddaughter of Armenia Wilklow.

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