Local library news

There have been two articles about local libraries in the Democrat & Chronicle in the last two days.

The first news article dealt with the fact that the Monroe County Library system is thinking about adding fees for services that are currently free. The Library system which is an umbrella organization for over 30 Town and City Libraries, has had budget cuts for many years and is running short on finances. Only time will tell what fees will be added. It could be that the libraries will charge for internet access, database access (like Heritage Quest or Gale Newspaper Index) or for downloading e-books.

The second news article is about the Fairport Library. The Fairport Village library has leased 17,000 square feet since 1976. They want to buy and move to adjoining property that would occupy 40,00 square feet. A referendum is coming up for vote on Thursday, Dec. 16th. There is some opposition because of the cost is expected to be $16.3 million and money is very hard to come up with in this economy.

Note that these links to Democrat & Chronicle articles will probably only be active for a couple of weeks before the articles are moved to their archives.