Old News – Annual Exposition

It is hard to believe that such a large exposition could be held at what is now Edgerton Park. It wouldn’t be big enough to hold a major local event now, let alone have places for everyone to park. Yet in 1917, they even had an airplane that landed there. This was the biggest show of the year in Rochester. One of the major events was the horse show at a time when the automobile was replacing the horse.


Thursday, Aug. 30, 1917

Rochester’s Big Exposition to Held During Labor Day Week

When the gates of Rochester’s tenth annual Industrial Exposition and Sixth Horse Show are swung open on the morning of Sept. 8 (Labor day), for a full week of incomparable attractions and the real enjoyment and pleasure that comes from seeing things worth while, it will be an invitation to the world — and particularly that part of it which is known as western New York — to come and see what the Flower City has done.

First and foremost at the exposition will be the Horse Show, the wonder place for all who visit the exposition.

“A Palace of Wonders” will be the Manufactures’ Building. In it will be placed some of the most remarkable working exhibits ever assembled for public view. A silk loom in full operation, showing the various steps and processes in the transformation of the cocoon of the silk worm into the fabric known as silk, will be one of the instructive exhibits. Another will be the making of boxes and packing cases entirely by machinery, from the sawing of the woodto the actual nailing together of the assembled parts. Another will be a broom factory. Pure food products in the making will be shown.

Then there will be the always attractive agricultural and horticultural exhibits, ore extensive and attractively arranged than ever before; the wonderful flower show that has been one of the most satisfying features of the last two expositions; the exhibits of famous paintings in the Fine Arts Building; the never tiresome zoo; the  poultry and livestock shows; a dog show, with all the popular breeds; interesting war-time displays by the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Red Cross, brought to Rochester from Washington especially for the exposition.

One of the new and assuredly popular features of the 1917 exposition will be free dancing in the beautiful Peristyle. Here also and in the bandstand will be heard daily concerts by the Municipal Park Band, an organization of 125 pieces, including many of the best musicians and soloists in the country.

The automobile show will have a prominent place in this year’s setting. Free motion pictures of great educational value will be shown, along with government demonstrations along the lines of thrift and economy for which the whole country is now striving.

Probably one of the greatest single features of the exposition this year will be the Greater Midway. The management has spared no expense this year to get nothing but the best in the way of midway amusements, and free outdoor entertainments.

Jean Domenjos, a Swiss aviator of world-wide fame, will make flights from the exposition grounds each day, looping the loop, gliding through the clouds upside down, and demonstrating methods of modern aerial warfare from a Bieriot monoplane. The Great Barbari, considered to be the most wonderful sensationalist of two continents, will perform daily his loop of death, an entirely new and novel thriller.