4 Theatre Programs

I added 4 theatre programs to the GenWeb website.

“The Lion in Winter” starring Walter Slezak; Auditorium Theatre; Jan. 19 – 20, 1968.
“1776” (musical) at Auditorium Theatre; April 26 – May 1, 1971.
Tchaikovsky’s “Nutcracker Ballet;” at Eastman Theatre; Dec. 27, 1968.
“The Merry Widow;” at Eastman Theatre; Jan.. 18, 1968.

The programs from the Auditorium Theatre are each 16 pages while the Eastman Theatre ones are just 4 pages. There is an an for RG&E on page 12 of “1776” that I thought was interesting. It tells how you get visit an information center at the Ginna Nuclear Power Station. Not sure how long that was there.

The “Nutcracker Ballet” had students from the Mercury Ballet Company in Rochester. Maybe there is someone you know.


  1. Hi Dick,
    Thank you for posting these programs. It’s fun to read them, and I wish I could have attended each of the events.
    The advertisements on the programs brought back memories, and the menu with prime rib that was described made me hungry!
    I was curious about how much the $3.50 price of that meal would be in today’s dollars, so I went to Cyndi’s List to find my favorite inflation conversion site. This is what is said, “What cost $3.50 in 1968 would cost $24.53 in 2016.” That is a huge difference!
    I don’t remember much about shopping for things back then, but $3.50 must have seemed like a lot of money to pay for anything then.
    Thank you for fun things!

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