Kodak Center

A couple of weeks ago Kodak added a big marquee to their theater that is on Ridge Road. Previously it was known as Theater on the Ridge but now is known as Kodak Center. Besides the large marquee there is a digital sign that tells about upcoming shows that can be seen by people traveling Ridge Road.

Many years ago this theater in Kodak’s building 28 was used only for their activities. At one time there would be family movies for children and other shows for the employees.

Last year there were shows of The Beach Boys and Vicki Lawrence that weren’t able to sell out the 1,968 seat theater. The reason is that there wasn’t hardly any advertising of the shows. Now Kodak is having SMG manage the venue. They are also the company that manages Blue Cross Arena and CMAC in Canandaigua. SMG also gets to rent out the ballroom, conference rooms, classrooms, and dining rooms in the building. There also are 1,047 parking spaces just across Ridge Road.

The next big show at Kodak Center is Tim Allen on Dec. 2nd and it is almost sold out. Some of the plays coming have many available seats. Visit the Kodak Center website to see shows that are coming to the theater.


  1. We went to many family movies there and seems like there were also treats after the movie – all for a song. B28 also housed dining rooms, camera club, genealogy club and its library, gym, and swimming pool without water!

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