Old News – Our Lady of Mercy School

The article deals with property that would be used for Our Lady of Mercy High School. It would take years for the school to be built. It would finally open in 1928 with 75 freshmen and 5 faculty. It would remain a High School until 1990 when they added grades 7 and 8. Then in 2012 when they added grade 6 the name would be changed to Our Lady of Mercy School for Young Women.

The school building was designed by noted Rochester architect J. Foster Warner (1859-1937).


Friday, Sept. 28, 1917

Large Tract Given to Sisters of Mercy

By a  deed recorded in the office of the county clerk Monday Miss Ellen Tolan and Miss Mary A. Tolan of East avenue, Brighton, transfer eighteen acres of land on the south side of Blossom road to the Sisters of Mercy, of South street. The land will be used for the use of the Rochester Benevolent, Industrial and Scientific School of the Sister of Mercy.

The property is located a short distance from Clover street. It has a frontage of 650 feet in Blossom road. It had been in the possession of the late John P. Tolan for many years.

A convent, school and chapel to the memory of the donors’ family will be erected. Details for the improvement of the property have not been completed.