“Finding Your Roots” back again

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

The 4th season of “Finding Your Roots” hosted by Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Jr. starts on Oct. 3rd at 8 p.m. on PBS. This series has two or more guests that find stories of ancestors. Prof. Gates uses DNA to show how we are all related no matter what our ethnicity is.

This season will consist of 10 episodes. The first episode has Larry David and Bernie Sanders as guests. Guests in other episodes this season are Ted Danson, Bryant Gumbel, Gaby Hoffmann, William H. Macy, Lupita Nyong’o, Amy Schumer, Carly Simon, Mary Steenburgen and Christopher Walken


  1. Hi Dick,
    Thank you for letting us know! I love this program, and I would have completely missed it if you hadn’t told us.

  2. Who says genealogists aren’t humorous? Larry David & Bernie Sanders on the same show. That’s a stich.
    Thanks Dick

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