1956 Yearbook for John Marshall

I uploaded John Quill 1956, the yearbook for John Marshall High School in Rochester. This is a large yearbook with 136 pages from a large school. There were 264 seniors that graduated in 1956. Look at how big even the junior and senior choirs are. They also have large football and soccer teams.

Throughout this yearbook the pictures are of better quality than usual. There is a picture of a girl’s volleyball game that is taken inside which is usually difficult to take but this one is well lite.

Senior statistics like which clubs, teams and other activities they are in are in separate section after the sports section.

There are homeroom pictures that are mixed in with the ads. Some of them, like the one pictured have printed autographs of the students.

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  1. I was a graduate in 1956 from John Marshall High and delighted to see you have posted this yearbook. Too many years ago I lost my copy during multiple moves around the country. I have tried from time to time to locate a copy and I will keep doing that, but in the meantime I’ll be able to spend some quality time reliving my senior year! Thank you!

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