New Kodak Booklets

I uploaded two new booklets by Eastman Kodak. First is The Home of Kodak from September 1929. This tells what is made in each of the three Kodak facilities in Rochester. At that time, Kodak Park made film and paper. The Camera Works (downtown) made cameras and Hawk-Eye made lens.

The other Kodak booklet is Welcome to the Open House of the Paper Mills and Baryta Divisions of Eastman Kodak Company that is dated about 1950. It is from a tour that would have been given the families of employees of buildings 50 and 62 where print paper was made .


  1. My grandfather Christopher Cox worked at Eastman Kodak in Dublin Ireland from 1907 to 1913 before he was sponsored to come to Rochester to work. Can’t find any information about an Eastman Kodak affiliate in Dublin. Figure the company was registered under a different name. May have been involved in formulating chemicals and/or photo processing. Kodak opened its first processing plant outside the US in Harrow, England, but there is no reference to a location in Dublin. Do you have any suggestions as to where to look next?

    • I did searching on Google and kept coming up with references to Kodak House on Lower Rathmines Road in Dublin. That was built in 1930 but Kodak must have had a smaller building before that one. I would think that it was not a manufacturing location but probably just sales.

  2. Thanks for your research.
    He was a warehouse clerk. The article in the newspaper (probably D&C) when he retired is where it states that he worked for Kodak in Dublin. I am still looking.

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