Old News – Hairstyles

There might be a War going on in Europe but that doesn’t stop the ladies from trying out the newest hairstyles.


Friday, Oct. 12, 1917

New Parisian Coiffures Modeled After Famous Greek Statues

Two of the newest hairdresses for girls are shown in the accompanying sketch. The profile head shows the classic outline which is so much in favor with the Parisians. The unwaved hair is swept aback from the face and and twisted at the back of the head, after the manner of so many of the famous Greek statues, writes Idalia de Villiers, a Paris correspondent.

The a long length of gold galon edged with black is passed round the forehead, then round the chignon, with a bow tied underneath the latter. Anyone with regular features could adopt this headdress with much benefit, but pretty girls with small and uncertain noses would do better to copy the second style which shows a narrow bandeau of multicolored beads drawn round hair dressed in Julia James fashion.

In this latter hairdress the hair is cut in a fringe across the forehead and loose curls over the ears. Artificial waves have completely gone out of favor and all our best hairdressers are trying to give natural effects, even when making use of the waving tongs. Kiss curls over the ears are still in favor and straight fringes are worn by every second smart one one meets.