Where is Zadock Buried?

Col. Zadock Granger was an early settler of this area and also an early death (1799).

In 1796 Zadock Granger, Gideon King and probably others made a trip to western NY from their home in Suffield, Conn. to investigate the area. The next year they both bought 3000 acres of land along the Genesee River near where Ridge Road crosses the river. Gideon King brought his family but Zadock stayed in Suffield and instead sent his son Eli Granger along with his family. They raised log cabins and made a ship landing on the river. Zadock joined his son in 1798. Gideon King and his son Bildad died in 1798 of what was called “Genesee Fever” (probably malaria) and a small cemetery was started. Zadock Granger died 17 July 1799 just a week before his 63rd birthday. Zadock was buried in the same cemetery at what was then called King’s Landing (later called Handfor’s Landing).

There is  a tombstone for Zadock in Mt. Hope Cemetery. Was he moved there at a later date or not?

In the early 1950s the Monroe County Veteran’s Council wanted to move many Revolutionary graves, including Zadock,  from small neglected cemeteries to a nice spot in Riverside Cemetery. After protests from families of some of the veterans that idea was abandoned. An article in the Democrat & Chronicle in 1960 says that the Veteran’s group put a flag on Zadock’s grave in the Hanford’s Landing Cemetery.

There still is that tombstone for Zadock in Mt. Hope Cemetery that adds confusion. Rochester Genealogical Society has digitized plot maps for Mt. Hope Cem. In online records for section M (plot 114) it shows that the tombstone for Zadock is only a memorial stone. Next to him is also a memorial stone for Zadock’s son Eli who died in 1823. At a visit to the family plot, I also noted that on the front of their tombstones it is says “A memorial.” Besides Zadock and Eli two other tombstones were indicated as memorial; Terry G. Granger who died in 1850 and Mabel Russell (1844 – 1845) who is the granddaughter of Lyman and Mabel Granger. It is very likely that those other three are also buried in the Handford Landing Cemetery along with Zadock.

Why aren’t any tombstones for the Granger family in the Hanford’s Landing Cemetery? In 1799 when Zadock died there wasn’t anyone in the area to carve a tombstone. Probably the same when Eliza Granger died in 1823. They probably just used a stone out of the river to mark his grave. The family knew where everyone was buried but later generations moved west and the location of the burials within the cemetery has been lost to time.

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