1933 John Marshall Yearbook

I uploaded the John Quill 1933 that is the annual yearbook for John Marshall High School in Rochester. This one is only 48 pages and almost half of the pages are short stories and poems. There were 123 seniors that graduated that year but 9 of those don’t have a picture.

There are some pictures of student activities but only two pictures of sports. One is of the girl’s riding club (pictured) and text below that picture mentions that the most popular sport for girls is baseball. So why no picture of any of the girl’s baseball teams? Then for the boys the only picture is for the basketball team. Where are the baseball and football teams?

A couple of funny things in this yearbook. A student wrote his name below the picture of the principal on page two. Maybe he thought that he would be the principal in the future. Second, the owner of the yearbook drew a couple of doodles on the cover and under his name he wrote “John Marshall Prison.” I edited that out of the scan.

This makes the third yearbook I have scanned for John Marshal High. Rochester Public Library has two online that they scanned (but still don’t have cataloged). This list has links to each of those yearbooks: