Old News – Liberty Bonds

In order to help finance World War I, the US government sold Liberty Bonds. This was the second major campaign during the War. A person would not only help the war effort by buying bonds but they would also get 4% interest when the bonds matured in 10 years.


Wednesday, Oct. 17, 1917

Liberty Loan Drive Now In Full Swing

The teams of men who are making the Liberty Loan drive in Fairport and the town of Perinton are having excellent results, and while they expect to make the local quota, $30,000, with ease, they are bound to go far ahead of that figure. At another meeting of the committee Monday night the situation was canvasses, and it was observed that the men are making good progress in covering the territory. While the village people are reported as subscribing quit generally, the men all had to take off their hats to committeemen from the northeast part of the town and East Penfield, which territory is coming across handsomely. The other parts of the town did not get organized quite as soon as did these men, but the outlook is that they will be heard from before the subscription closes on Oct. 26..

The Reds are ahead so far in the contest, but the Blues are chasing them hard and fast filling the gap which showed when the thermometers were first shown Saturday night on the West avenue side of Bramer’s drug store. The standing will be registered daily the remainder of the campaign.

Watch it. Arrangements have been made for a speaker to be at the plant of the Sanitary Can Co. either Friday or Monday noon, and also at the meeting of the Grange Saturday night.

On Sunday night at the union mass meeting in the Congregational church, some of the facts told by Dr. Newell Dwight Hillis wil be read, particularly in respect to the awful atrocities of the Germans.

The big day of the drive will be next Wednesday, following the suggestion of President Wilson. It is the plan to make the afternoon and evening one big demonstration in boosting the sale of bonds. There will be an automobile parade at 3 o’clock, which will cover the outlaying territory, and in the evening at the town hall a big mass meeting with several good speakers from out of town. The Chamber of Commerce band will be in attendance. Let everybody plan to have some part in this big rally, afternoon or evening or both.