Wilkinson Scrapbook Article #35

In this article from William Wilkinson’s scrapbook “One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Person and Places in Rochester History” (1947) he takes an ad from the 1840s for a store specializing in ladies’ wear from an old newspaper and adds one of his cartoons to show what it probably was like in that store.

A few definitions of old terms used in the article:
Habit = a dress
Pelisse = a long cloak with slits for the arms
Mantua = a loose gown worn as a robe or overdress

Miss E. Kinney & Co. Fashionable  Millinery
respectfully inform the fashionable community that they have taken the well known millinery establishment heretofore owned by Mrs. Langworthy, in which they will be happy at all times to wait on Mrs. L’s old customers in the above line of business.

have been received this day for ladies winter hats and hoods. Also, latest style for Habits and Pelisses. All kinds of millinery and Manuamaking done in the best manner, as usual.

I take great pleasure in stating to my former friends and patrons that the above mentioned young ladies (miss E. Kinney & Co.) have been in my employ some two or three years, and I have full confidence in recommending them to the public as being well qualified for carrying on millinery and mantuamaking business in all its branches.
Mrs. S. Langworthy