1957 Monroe HS Yearbook

I uploaded the 1957 yearbook for Monroe High School in Rochester. There were pictures for 223 seniors. There aren’t any lower class photos but some are seen in homeroom pictures that scattered among the ads.

This school had a lot of activities for the students. There are even a science club, a photography club and a greenhouse club The senior and junior choirs are huge.

The sports teams are all large. There are three soccer teams; a first, second and junior teams.

I had a little trouble with scans of the pictures. I blame it on the paper that was used. It was buff colored and textured. So some people ended up with washed out foreheads.

The Rochester Public Library has yearbooks online for Monroe HS for the years 1927 (first graduating class) to 1940. Go to their School Heritage Collection web page to see all that they have available.