Cemeteries that have been Moved – Part 1 of 3

Just in time for Halloween is a report on cemeteries in Monroe County have been moved. At one time, it was thought that it was unhealthy for people to live near cemeteries. If that was true why didn’t grave diggers die an early death?  There was a movement in the early 1800s to move cemeteries out of the center of cities to rural locations. That is why Mt. Hope Cemetery was started in 1837 in what at the time was country. Mt. Hope ended up back within the city as the city lines expanded.

A lot of small cemeteries were neglected over time. Instead of maintaining those cemeteries they had their burials dug up and moved to larger cemeteries.

These are suburban/rural cemeteries that are known to have been moved.

  • Memorial to Beers-Billinghurst Cem.

    Beers-Billinghurst Cemetery was located at 564 Mendon Road in Pittsford. Just a  family cemetery with 5 burials. Moved to the Pittsford Cemetery where there is a boulder with a bronze plague.

  • Hetzler Cemetery was located of the southeast corner of Chili Avenue and North Road in Scottsville. There were 11 burials but just two tombstones of the Hetzler family. Moved when they wanted to build the High School on that corner.
  • Wagner Farm Cemetery was located on Long Pond Road in Greece where Unity Hospital is now. There were 137 burials but only 15 tombstones. Moved in 1967 to make way for the Hospital. Relocated to a spot in Falls cemetery and they also moved the original tombstones.
  • Waffle Road Cemetery was located near 57 Fisher Road (previously named Waffle Road) in Gates. It is shown on maps from 1902 to 1924. Not known when it was moved but there are houses in that location now.
  • An unknown named cemetery was located at the corner of Lawrence Road and Sweden-Walker Road in Clarkson according to a former Town Historian. She said that she didn’t know when it was moved but that she suspected that it had been moved to the Garland Cemetery. Probably just a very small family cemetery.
  • Bradstreet Cemetery was located at 4615 Culver Road in Irondequoit. Only 10 burials. it was moved in 1960 and 1961 to Irondequoit Cemetery.
  • An old Penfield Cemetery was located near the southwest corner of Penfield Road and Five Mile Line Road. It was a very cemetery being started by 1800 or before. It was dug up and burials that were claimed were moved to Oakwood Cemetery. Sixty burials that weren’t claimed were buried under a chucrh that was built there. That location is now a parking lot. I wrote this longer blog post about the cemetery in 2014..
  • Baptist Cemetery in Pittsford was near the intersection of Mendon Center, Tobey and Calkins Roads. It only had 30 burials which for some reason were split up and moved to the Pioneer and Pittsford cemeteries. There are houses on the location now.
  • Quaker Cemetery in Henrietta was on the northwest corner of Calkins and east Henrietta Roads. Most local experts say that this cemetery was moved but no one knows when or to where. At one time while digging on the corner a few bones were found. It is possible that the bones were missed when graves were moved or also possible that none of the graves were ever moved.
  • Wheatland Friends Cemetery  was also a Quaker cemetery. It was on River Road in Wheatland. The former Historian said that it was moved before 1887. No records of the burials exist.


  1. Hi, thanks for the good information. What can you tell me about the move of SS Peter and Paul Cemetery to Holy Sepluchre? Thanks

  2. It was closed in 1876 by the Common Council (reference: Union-Advertiser, March 1, 1876, page 2, column 4). It was moved in 1898. Can’t find my reference for that. It may have come from :History of the Rochester Diocese” which I used to own but sold.

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