Cemeteries that have been Moved – Part 2 of 3

Tombstone of Sibill Prichard (died 1827) originally in East Cem.

Continuing the list of cemeteries in Monroe County that have been moved. These were all within the limits of the current City of Rochester. Some of these cemeteries have partial records of burials on the cemetery page of the GenWeb of Monroe County.

  • Plymouth Ave. Cemetery is the oldest cemetery that was in the downtown area. It would have been used by the pioneers. It shows on very old maps but no known records exist. It was dug up as Rochester expanded and moved to West Cemetery.
  • West Cemetery was on West Main Street across from where Nick Tahou’s restaurant is now. After Mt. Hope Cemetery opened in 1838 it was only used for burials on plots bought before that time. Approximately 1000 burials moved in 1859 to Mt. Hope Cemetery. Some to family plots and others that were not claimed to a section within Mt. Hope.
  • Stone Cemetery was on the corner of East Avenue and Gibbs Street where the RG&E offices are now. The land was donated by Enos Stone and used by pioneers on the east side of the river. It was moved at an early date to East Cemetery.
  • East Cemetery was on the corner of Monroe Avenue and Alexander Street (now Monroe High School). Used from 1827 to the mid 1850s. Some claimed burials were moved to family plots in Mt. Hope. The unclaimed were moved in 1873 to a section within Mt. Hope.
  • Frankfort Cemetery was a Quaker cemetery that was on the eastern corner of Frank and Smith Streets. The lot was only 200 by 66 feet. No one is sure when this cemetery was moved nor to where. There is an apartment complex there now.
  • Friends Cemetery that was on Mt. Hope Avenue across from Mt. Hope Cem. It was moved at an unknown date and no records are known to exist.
  • West Brighton Rural Cemetery was originally in the Town of Brighton on the corner of Mt. Hope Ave. and Mat Street. There were approximately 200 burials on a half an acre. It was closed in 1878 and burials moved to Mt. Hope Cemetery in 1893.
  • Carthage Cemetery was located on Tyler Street in what was originally the Town of Irondequoit. No known date or place of removal. Houses are located there now.
  • McCrackenville Cemetery located somewhere near the corner of Lake Avenue and Driving Park Ave. This was a tiny family cemetery with less than  6 burials. Some or probably all the burials were moved to Mt. Hope Cemetery in April 1846.