Yesterday I posted an old article from Arch Merrill about Daylight Saving Time (DST). Today it is my turn to write about DST and time in general.

There was a time when there would be a clock either on the main church or town hall that people would use as the time for the town. If you were able to afford a watch you would set it by that clock. The clock’s time was determined by the sun. That means that towns near each other may have been off by minutes.

When railroads started expanding they ran into a problem with time. They couldn’t make up schedules with towns having different times. They pushed for and got standard times at least for the main four continental US time zones.

Daylight Saving Time was first adopted in World War I. People say that it helps conserve energy but research says that it doesn’t do anything helpful. It is said that there are more accidents on the highway after the two times a year that we change our clocks. As far as I see, the only thing that changing the time helps is that all the battery operated clocks in my house have the same time for a few weeks after changing the time.

I think we should stop DST. If businesses or schools want to they could have summer and winter operational times. My mother’s church has been doing that for decades.

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