Genealogical Guide

It took me over a year and a half but I finally have completed the online version of my Genealogical Guide to Monroe County. I just have too many projects going at a time to have completed it any sooner. Making it available online also means that I can update chapters when new records become available. Each chapter is a separate PDF file that can be viewed online or downloaded or printed. Each chapter also has links to online records or references.

One chapter is already out of date. I have to revise the chapter on vital records because the index to NY State deaths have now become available online.

There were three print additions of the Genealogical Guide; 1985, 1996 and 2006. The first one came about on a ride back from a genealogy conference in Albany. I was telling Peter Bush about some of the sources available in Monroe County and he said I should write a book. I didn’t then nor still today consider myself a good writer but this isn’t a novel.




  1. Hi Dick, I just had back surgery yesterday. When I’m not on the mend anymore, I’m going to go through everything you have published on your site. lookin good! Annie Bowie

  2. Wow! I already pulled up a few pages. That’s a lot of work, Dick. I certainly appreciate all your time, work and research. Annie Bowie

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