Kodak Development

Eastman Kodak is looking for developers to build on Ridge Road West across from their recently revamped Kodak Center theater. Seeing as this is a highly traveled road it would be a great place for a restaurant. The spot is now part of a large parking lot that is not as filled up as it was in the past. Seeing as they only want to lease a small section, there will be plenty of parking.

Kodak has many lots for sale or lease around the outer edges of Eastman Business Park or what we old timers still call Kodak Park. One of the large lots for sale (or lease) is that triangular shaped parking lot between Lake Ave. and Maplewood Drive. It is slightly over 27 acres. That lot also used to be filled all the time when Kodak was at its height of manufacturing. I never see more than 100 cars there now.

My spies telling me that Kodak has an offer on a 8 acre lot on the southeast corner of Dewey Ave. and Goodwill St. So far no one is talking about what could possibly be built there. It sure would be nice to see anything there rather than an empty parking lot.