WDYTYA? – Friday Feb. 4

WDYTYAThe second series of “Who Do You Think You Are?” starts this Friday, (Feb. 4) on NBC at 8 PM Eastern and Pacific time. All others check your local listings. This series follows celebrities as they discover interesting facts about some of their ancestors. This series is based on British series of the same name that has been running for many seasons. To make sure you don’t miss this episode, set you VCR, DVR or TIVO.

The first celebrity to be profiled is Vanessa Williams, former Miss America, singer and Broadway and TV actress. She finds out about her great-great-grandfather, David Carll, that, among other things, fought in the Civil War. Vanessa’s quest takes her from Long Island to Washington, DC and beyond.

On the official WDYTYA website look for the “Next On” section and you can click on “Watch Preview” to get a short preview of this week’s episode. There are also links to some episodes from last season if you missed any of those.