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About a week ago I uploaded some interesting Kodak booklets. They changed my idea on Kodak employee news. Most people in the area heard about Kodakery. That was the last employee news that was printed. It started in 1943 as a newspaper. It was published weekly from 1943 until 1985. After that it was published monthly until they discontinued it in 2005. Kodak then started send employee news via emails and on an internal network.

Going back a step farther, there was Kodak Magazine for employees that was published from 1920 to 1935. Then they changed the name to just Kodak. It was published 1935 to sometime in the mid 1940s. I thought that magazine was the earliest employee news until I found copies of an earlier magazine; Kodak Park Bulletin. Research online shows it was first published in 1898. It appears no library has any of the first years. I found that Rochester Public Library has issues starting in Jan. 1917. Eastman House has random issues back to Jan. 1914. They got their collection from Kodak when they closed their company library.

These are the issues that have scanned:
Feb. 1916 (Vol. 19, no. 2).
May 1916 (Vol. 19, no. 5).
Sept. 1916 (Vol. 19, no. 9).
Jan. 1917 (Vol. 20, no. 1).

The Feb. 1916 issue is mostly winners of company suggestions but there is a picture of the ladies’ basketball team. May 1916 has pictures of a foreman’s group and 5 men in the baseball team. The Sept. 1917 issue has pictures from a field day of athletic competition including the inserted picture of the ladies in a tug of war in their athletic bloomers.

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