1928 Aquinas Yearbook

I uploaded the 1928 yearbook for Aquinas Institute in Rochester. That is a Catholic boy’s high school. It was started in 1902 as the co-ed Cathedral High School. The girls left in 1917 when Nazareth Academy started. In 1922 the school’s name was changed to Aquinas Institute.They moved to the present building on Lake Ave in 1925.

There were pictures of 75 seniors in 1928. There are class pictures of Freshman to Juniors but they are so small that it is almost impossible to figure out who is who.

There are standard sports pictures and a hockey team that is in it’s first year. Way too many pages of short stories and poems. A few pages of jokes. Then 32 pages of ads. There are also 4 pages of printed autographs of the seniors plus a full page of autographs in the rear of the book.

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