More KP Bulletins

I uploaded four more issues of Kodak Park Bulletin. These are employee news magazine. One issue from 1917 has pictures of a men’s baseball team including an action picture. I thought that pictures like that won’t have been possible as older pictures needed the lens open longer. I’m wrong again. Look in the upper left of that picture and you can see the baseball in the air.

The other three issues are from 1918. By then a few hundred men from Kodak have left for World War I service. Each of those issues has pictures of men in uniform. There is also some ladies dressed in patriotic costumes to raise money for the war effort.

These are the issues that have been scanned:
Aug. 1917; Vol. 20, no. 8.
Jan. 1918; Vol. 21, no. 1.
April 1918; Vol. 21, no. 4.
May 1918; Vol. 21, no. 5.