Old News – Auto Accessory

Auto accessories have always been popular. They filled a void of gadgets that manufacturers didn’t put on their auto. Notice that the auto in the picture doesn’t have a trunk. There were some trunks that could be added to the backs of the car. This cabinet is added to a running board. That way you could take a trip out in the country with a full picnic. It even included a table.


Thursday, Nov. 15, 1917

Convenient Lunch Cabinet for Motors

An automobile lunch box, designed and manufactured in Portland, Ore., is intended to be carrried on the running board of a car, to which it may be attached by means of two small thumbscrews while traveling. It is shaped like a suitcase. On side lets down to form a picnic table, and the box contains a series of hinged and swinging drawers for food and bottles, also a metal-lined ice box with water drain, and a plate and linen compartment. The materials used in construction of the box are fir wood and veneer, the outside being black enameled and interior natural finish. Various sizes are made, suitable for from three to eight persons. The largest size is 34 inches long, 19 inches high, and 9 inches deep, the lid making a 15 by 33 inch table.