Last set of KP Bulletins

I uploaded five more issues of Kodak Park Bulletin. These are the last of the collection that I purchased a couple of months ago. That makes 13 issues that are now online.

A lot of issues are about men that joined the military during World War I. Altogether Kodak Park sent 555 men into the service of US. There were 14 that died in the service. There are pictures of 12 of those that had died in the Jan. 1919 issue.  Seven men died from disease. Influenza was spreading all over the planet at that time. The Sept. 1919 issue shows that 419 men had already returned to work at Kodak Park.

The October 1918 issue has a picture of ladies that were in a tennis tournament. The winner of the contest was Theresa Zick of the payroll department. One issue previously scanned had her name stamped on the cover. That means that this collection originally belonged to her.

In the future I will be giving some of issues to Rochester Public Library and Eastman House to fill out their collections.

These are links to these last issues:
Vol. 21, no. 10; Oct. 1918.
Vol. 21, no. 11; Nov. 1918.
Vol. 21, no. 12; Dec. 1918.
Vol. 22, no. 1; Jan. 1919.
Vol. 22, no. 9; Sept. 1919.

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  1. Hi Dick,
    Thank you for uploading these. They are fun to read because they show what life was like during those years, and they show “real life” things about Rochester history.
    I also appreciate the Kodak newsletters from more recent years that you uploaded a while back. I found a picture of one of my cousins when she was three years old!
    Happy Thanksgiving! I am thankful for the many things you have shared with all of us over many years. Thank you!

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