More NY Newspapers Online

Back on November 19th MyHeritage announced that had added 1.9 million pages of 56 newspapers published in New York State. I used to have a subscription to that website but let it expire. That is why it has taken me so long to write about this collection. That announcement says that they added “The Rochester Evening Express, Schenectady Gazette, The Newburgh News, Hudson Valley News, and more.”

I went to the local Family History Library and was able to search through the newspapers there as they have a “Library Edition” of MyHeritage. I found that on the library edition that I could view the newspaper page but couldn’t save it to my flash drive.

I thought that I had seen some of these newspapers before. After some digging I found that these newspaper pages came from Google’s Newspaper Archive. That was a project that Google started many years ago but abandoned. If you try to do a search within that collection on Google, it doesn’t return any hits. It’s hard to believe, but Google doesn’t search their own newspaper collection.

I am not sure where Google got their newspaper collection. Some of the pages are not of the best quality. Like the example there are drop-offs where sections of text are missing. That makes it difficult for the pages to be scanned.

I can’t find a list of the newspapers that are in the collection on MyHeritage. There is a series of newspapers from Rochester that are included but many people have not heard about. Rochester Evening Express (1861 – 1882) became the Post-Express (1882 – 1923) which merged with the Rochester Evening Journal (1922 – 1923). From 1923 – 1935 the title was Rochester Journal and Post Express. Then it just became the Rochester Journal until it was discontinued in 1937.

MyHeritage will let you do a free search on the NY Newspapers and show you small images of a newspaper page and the date. Clicking on either will show you subscription prices. I wondered if I could find the same pages over on Google. It took me anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes to find the page. Then I had to read a good share of the newspaper page to find the name I was interested in. It is possible to find the newspaper pages on Google for free but takes a lot of time. You also can’t save a newspaper page on Google. I had to do a “screen shot” to make the partial page image.