Old News – Brockport Christmas 1917

Christmas in Brockport in 1917 involved a lot of caroling. The Village was small enough at that time that they could easily visit every house.

The Brockport newspaper also had this Christmas comic strip.


Thursday, Dec. 20, 1967


The Community Christmas tree, Erie street, Christmas Eve., 7 o’clock sharp.

The children of the village will meet in the flowing places at 6:30 ready to start marching: Grammar school, Methodist church, Parochial School, Parochial School Building, Training School, Baptist church..

The Boy Scouts will lead the procession to the Christmas tree. After the carol singing and pictures all the children will march to the Methodist parlors where they will be served with cocoa and wafers.

The music for the singing will be furnished by Messrs, Korn, Michaels and Dalton.

The “grown-ups” who wish too help sing carols to the “shut-ins” will meet in the Parish House and form in groups. After having cocoas, they will go about the village singing. All who know of any who would like to hear these carol singers hand in the names and addresses to the leaders of the choirs or send them to Miss Hebbard.

Every person in Brockport, Sweden and Clarkson is urged to participate.

Make this a real giving Christmas. Contributions of money are especially appropriate as often times it can be used to so much better advantage. However, gifts of any kind are acceptable. They may be left with the representatives of the different churches or Harold Richards at the Boot Shop on Saturday, Dec. 22. Also names may be handed in of those to whom you wish to give or of those who would care to be remembered.