Top Hit Songs of 1967 – #25

The Beatles are ending 1967 with an appropriate songs; “Hello, Goodbye.” It was on the top of the record charts for the last week of 1967 and the first week of 1968. It was written solely by Paul McCartney but because of legal contacts it is credited as being written by Lennon-McCartney. The song was not on any of the original albums of The Beatles but would be on later complication albums.

The Beatles filmed three promotional videos for the song. The first promo (below) was shown on the Ed Sullivan Show on Nov, 26, 1967. In it the group is wearing the costumes that they wore on the front of the Sgt. Pepper’s album. There are a couple of cut-away where the group are wearing their 1963-era matching collarless suits. The ending of the video has some girls that you must watch the whole video for.

So ends the hit songs for 1967. The top rated song for the year ended up being “To Sir, With Love” by Lulu.