Rochester TV Life

Irene Mates; local dancer & dance instructor

I added three issues of Rochester TV Life from 1952 to the GenWeb of Monroe County. There was only one TV station in Rochester at that time; WHAM. That station in 1955 would change there call letters to WROC and remain that until today. these magazines also have TV listings for one station in Buffalo and 2 in Syracuse.

One issue has a story on the western Wild Bill Hickok. There is a picture of Bess Myerson in another issue. She was Miss America in 1945. By 1952 she was appearing on the daytime game show The Big Payoff. She was on other game shows and often appeared in commercials for many products.

Available issues:
March 22 – 26, 1952.
March 29 – April 4, 1952.
April 12 – 18, 1952.


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