Auto Show Programs

I uploaded three programs for the Rochester Auto Show:

The 1954 program had an ad for the Corvette. It had been introduced in 1953 but only 700 were made and all were white. In 1954 they made it available in red, white, blue and black. That year they made 3640 but they sold very slowly. It is said that sales were slow because it had a small engine. Today those Corvettes are worth a lot of money.

The 1958 program has an ad for the first Edsel. Ford Motor Company had created a new division because they thought it would sell very well. It didn’t. The odd design with the oval grille didn’t help. It was also priced higher than the Ford models but didn’t have that many extras. The Edsel was discontinued after the 1960 model. Ford had lost hundreds of millions of dollars.

Statistics in the 1954 program says that in 1915 there were 12,761 registered vehicles in Monroe County.  By 1953 there were 179,907 registered vehicles. I wonder how many there are today?

The 1954 auto show was held at the Main Street Armory. By the 1957 show it had moved to the War Memorial.

Page through and you will see ads for car brands that no longer exist; Packard, Willys, Kaiser, Studebaker, Nash, DeSoto and the odd Edsel.