Xerox moving out of Downtown

Xerox has sent notice that they will start moving employees out of Xerox Square in downtown Rochester and to buildings they own in Webster, NY. The main tower is 30 stories tall and opened in 1967. Besides the main tower there is also a two-story annex, a four-story auditorium that seats 700 people and an underground parking garage.

Xerox sold the complex in 2013 to Buckingham Properties for $40 and then leased space back from them. Xerox will be completely moved out of the tower by the end 2018.

In 2016 the company was split into 2 companies; Conduent and Xerox. Conduent is a company that has consultant services for other businesses. They just opened up a new facility in the former Irondequoit Mall this week.

Xerox’ business has been faltering the last few years and there is a push by Wall Street insiders for the company to be sold.