Old Ad

Instead of an old newspaper article this week there is an ad for Genesee beer from 1968.

Genesee Brewery was founded in 1878 and somehow managed to survive prohibition. In the past couple of decades they have added more brands and they continue to grow even though they only sell beer in the northeast. They are currently the fifth largest brewery in the US.

The ad shows some new innovations of the time. They have added two bottles and are selling 8 packs. The bottles are the stubby kind. Plus, hard to see is that they have twist off caps. Earlier beers had to be opened with a can opener.

On the bottom is a 1965 commercial featuring Yvonne Craig who in two more years would become Batgirl. In those days commercials weren’t allowed to show people actually drinking beer. You could only put the beer close to the lips. It has been a long time since the brewery has run any commercials on TV. Remember how the old commercials said that it only used Hemlock Lake water?


Wednesday, Jan. 31, 1968