Obsolete Technology?

Last week Best Buy announced that beginning in July they would not longer sell music CDs. Is this the beginning of the end of CDs? Probably yes. The sales of CDs have dropped every years since they hit their high in 2003. Both streaming services and music downloads have become more popular than to have a collection of discs. Digital started out-preforming CD sales in 2010. Streaming services now account for 62% of revenue of the US music market.

Target has also started to pay manufacturers for CDs only after they sell. That way they can send back any unsold inventory. They probably will decrease the number of CDs that they have in stores.

CDs were introduced as a joint venture by Sony and Philips in 1980. The first audio CD produced in August 1982 was The Visitors (1981) by ABBA. The format quickly killed off 8 track tapes. By 1990 CDs were out-selling cassette tapes.

For now, CDs can be bought at local stores. Within a few years you probably could only buy them on the internet. Will there be any new CDs for sale 10 years from now? I doubt it. After that you will have to seek out used CDs.