Hit Songs of 1968 – #6

“Spooky” was the first hit song for the group Classics IV. They formed in 1965 in Jacksonville, Florida. At first they called them self just the Classics but when they found out there was another group recording by that name they added the roman numeral  “IV” as they originally had 4 members. The group had a couple other hits in 1968 which were just one word titles (“Stormy & “Traces”). The last released song by the group was in 1975.

Lead singer Dennis Yost died in 2008. There is a Classics IV that has toured in the last few years with a new lead singer.

“Spooky” got up to #3 on 1the Billboard Hot 100 record chart and stayed there for for three weeks (Feb. 4 – 24). It did better on radio station KQV in Pittsburgh. It was the number #1 song on their chart for the week of Feb. 4 – 11.