Updates on Chrome and Mozilla browsers are showing this blog and the GenWeb of Monroe County as non-secure. Secure websites either show with a web address that starts as https or shows a lock symbol before the web address. Secure websites have some additional encryption to stop hackers.  Secure websites were originally used on websites where you had to submit a password (like online banks). It doesn’t stop a website from putting on ads from other vendors.

In order to make a website secure you have to purchase what is known as a “certificate.” I can’t see me doing that as this blog doesn’t have anything that is dangerous. The GenWeb site does collect cookies if you view any pictures but it only does that to remember what size of pictures you like to view. That cookie goes away when you close your browser. It would cost extra money to make both to show as secure and it is just not worth the money. In spite of what your browser says both this blog and the GenWeb website are safe.


  1. My Chrome would not even display the rest of the post. I had to use the “Trouble Clicking?” link to read it. Very frustrating!

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