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What was to become Eastview Mall was originally planned to be in the southern part of the Town of Perinton, Monroe County. In this article there was some opposition to the project. Instead, the Mall was built in the Town of Victor bordering the Monroe County line. Groundbreaking took place in October 1969. When first completed in 1971 it had 67 stores. It has been added to a few times over the years and now has 250 stores. Plus there are other many more stores across Route 96 and nearby.

The Mall used to advertise that they were “just around the corner” because originally they were a long way out of the City of Rochester. The Victor and Farmington areas have grown so much that there are many people living nearby now. While Malls around the country have seen decreased traffic, Eastview does seem to be in good shape.


Wednesday, March 6, 1968

Crowd Demonstrates Opposition To Plaza

Photo by Matthew D. Wilson (2007)

In the best tradition of the current rash of “sit-ins,” protests and demonstrations usually apathetic Perinton staged one of its own Wednesday night as a crowd jammed the Fire Hall to oppose the Fishers 96 Plaza.

Some two hundred citizens complete with signs and banners expressed their opposition with charges and counter charges. Arguments ranged from pollution of park waters to traffic to sewage. Others urged that any decision be delayed until the Town Master Plan was finished, the completion of which is not definite.

Schuyler Baldwin, chairman of the planning board, handled the recalcitrants with calm and dexterity. He refused to be forced into immediate decision and declared “I won’t be pressed into giving an answer I will regret tomorrow.”

The group alleged that a study indicated that on a square foot basis the proposed plaza would be “another downtown,” somewhat “larger than anything thus far built in the Rochester metropolitan area.”

Speaking in opposition to the plaza were William A. Florence, president of the citizens planning council, Leo J. Kesselring of the Conservation Party, Robert E. Lee, a developer of subdivisions in the area, and Howard Flitgoor, chairman of the Victor Planning Board. The proposed Plaza abuts the Victor Town line in several places.

As this is written no further action has been taken but is expected that the board will deliberate privately on the matter sometime this week.

While it is probable that the board will make their recommendations shortly to the Town Board there are so many ramifications and interdictions in the approval of the Monroe County Planning Board a final decision may be weeks away..

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  1. And in the end, the Monroe County citizens preserved their land, and the Ontario County people gained all that tax revenue….

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