New Cemeteries

I just got through updating the Cemetery Page on the Monroe County GenWeb website. While I was updating that page, I discovered that there were two new cemeteries here in Monroe County that started in 2010.

The first is Ascension Gardens. It is at 1900 Pinnacle Road in Henrietta. The first burial was sometime in fall of 2010. It is a Catholic Cemetery owned by Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Rochester. As of this writing there are probably not more than a dozen burials.

The second new cemetery is Westside Cemetery. It is at 60 Stryker Road in Chili. This cemetery is owned by the Grove Place Cemetery Association. Grove Place (on Chili Ave.) has very few remaining graves and this new cemetery was set up for expansion. The new cemetery is across the street from one of the oldest cemeteries in the Town of Chili; Grange Hall Cemetery (also called Chili Rural Cem.) There probably hasn’t been over 20 burials in the new cemetery as of this date.