Old News – Blues Concert

The poster, below, came from the March 22, 1968 issue of The Pioneer. That is the student newspaper of St. John Fisher College. It was originally just in black and white and I colorized it. You can view a bigger version by right clicking on it and then viewing the image.

This was a two night blues festival. The first night the first major act was the Muddy Waters Blues Band. Then Eddie “Son” House played. He had retired in Rochester from music in 1943. Then in the mid 60s he was rediscovered and was know as the “Father of Folk Blues.” A review says that he got the audience all to clap along when he played “This Little House of Mine.” The last act on Saturday was The Electric Flag.

The Sunday night show opened with a couple of small acts. Then The Paul Butterfield Blues Band took the stage. The closing act was lesser known The Junior Wells Band. At the end of their set they had Paul Butterfield and his guitarist Elvin Bishop come out and play with their group.

The advertise price of a ticket was $2.50 per night but if you were a student at St. John Fisher or Nazareth College a ticket could be bought for the price of $1.50.


  1. I was a senior at Fisher then. I assume that I would not have missed that show, but I don’t remember going. Of course I don’t remember what I had for breakfast this morning. Seeya

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