1966 Hilton HS Yearbook

I uploaded the Hiltorial 1966. That is the yearbook for Hilton Central High School in Hilton. There were pictures of 189 seniors that graduated that year. Then there are homeroom pictures for grades 9 -11.

There are the standard pictures of activities and sports but only a few candid pictures. There wasn’t any football team at the time but there are pictures of other sports for the boys. If there was any sports for the girl’s there isn’t any pictures. Just two pages of pictures of cheerleaders.

For some reason, there no ads. Just one page with a list of patrons.


  1. Hi Dick,

    How do I research a nun. Karolina Klem was born in Kittersburg Germany in 1805 and I don’t have a death date for her. So, she may have been a nun. Holy Sep usually puts Sr before a nun’s name but she may have come over from St joseph’s. Has RGS done any digitizing for nuns in Holy Sep?

  2. Once again, I enjoy looking at all the pictures–especially 1966 as it was my graduation year also.

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