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The expressway in this newspaper article has been on the works for many years but never completed. Route 531 ends at Washington Street in the Town of Ogden and never has made it to Brockport. Last year a project was started to completely re-construct Route 31 from Washington Street to Brockport. That project will continue this summer with more detours. Hopefully it will help the traffic flow in the end.

I picked an auto ad to go with the article. The B&W picture in the ad didn’t look very well so I replaced it with a color picture of a 1968 Buick.

Brockport, NY

Thursday, April 4, 1968

Hope Given For More Action on New Expressway

The proposed expressway of Route 31 through western Monroe and Orleans and Niagara Counties has a new name – the Orleans Expressway. At present only a mile has been constructed – a spur which branches off Interstate Route 490, the Western Expressway, and ends at Elmgrove Rd.

There is now a hope that a revision in priorities by the State Department of Transportation will advance the starting date for the continuation of the highway. However, it was stated that it will be more than two years before construction begins.

First proposed in 1964, the Orleans Expressway plans were shelved because it was felt that other super highways were needed to relieve traffic congestion in the immediate Rochester area. Therefore priority was given to the Outer Loop (Route 47), the Irondequoit – Wayne and Keeler St. Expressways, and the Genesee Valley Expressway. D. Dominic Masucci, sate planning engineer of the Rochester District office of the State Department of Transportation, said that there was not enough manpower to devote as much time as they would have liked to the Orleans Expressway.

The first step is to plot the line of the highway and then set about acquiring land for the rights-of-way. A public hearing is held after the line has been plotted.

The state engineers have now begun to move ahead on the project “as fast as they can” because of the expansion of the State University College at Brockport and plans for another shopping center at the intersection of Rts. 31 and 10 south of Brockport..

The expressway will roughly run parallel to Route 31. with interchanges to serve Spencerport, Adams Basin, and Brockport. It will be continued through Orleans County, to serve Holley, Albion, and Medina, and then will go west through Niagara County to join proposed expressways to Buffalo and Niagara Falls.

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  1. I wasn’t aware when I started writing & badgering DOT about the need to extend RT531 into Orleans County that it was initially stated to go to Niagara County. Also the Lake Ontario State Parkway, I was suggesting that connecting it to the Robert Moses State Parkway would bring tourists from Canada to the Finger Lakes and an easy route from Rochester to Canada. I’ve been quipping in online forums that at the end of Lake Ontario State Parkway is Rt18W, our favorite route to Lockport, Olcott Beach, & Niagara Falls. There are about 6 NYS Parks along this corridor, as well as agritourism, farm markets and it’s the Lake Ontario Wine Trail and Lake Ontario Beer Trail. The area between Rochester and Buffalo is a beautiful area and a lot of fun to drive. I had no idea 531 was once able to be continued to Niagara County, and maybe it’s not anymore. Money is a problem. A recent article stated that NYS DOT is completing the paving of the Lake Ontario State Parkway to Orleans County, 7.1 miles at a cost of $5.3 million dollars. That’s nearly $1million per mile simply to repave. I fear new roads aren’t going to be in the works.

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