Long Lost Return

The TV series “Long Lost Family” returns for a third season this Sunday. This is the show that reunites families that have been split up because of adoptions or other complicated family situations. Hosts Chris Jacobs and Lisa Joyner do their best to find the missing family members. The stories do not always have happy ending as sometimes family members have died.

I thought that we would never see any of these cases being solved in New York State because of the restrictive adoption laws. I was proven wrong when Jenny from Rochester was reunited with her mother. Jenny had even worked with her mother at the hospital without each knowing that they were related.

“Long Lost Family” airs on the TLC channel at 10 p.m. (eastern and pacific times).

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  1. Long Lost Family has seemed to spend a number of episodes in Rochester & Upstate. I think the first season the first few shows had episodes set in Upstate. We’ve been watching to see if the hosts had connections here.

    I’m a Rochester adoptee. I have successfully found both my maternal family and my paternal family, essentially on my own. My very large maternal family turns out to have been coworkers of my husband and I for decades. Last year I had a DNA match with a paternal half-brother. The point I’m making is adoptees shouldn’t bother trying to get their original birth certificate at this point. There are free search angels available, and DNA testing is essential. One other point I will make is that I, and a great many others, are finding that non-identifying information we receive about our birth fathers is very often incorrect. My big disappointment is that adoptees can’t join DAR until we have an original birth certificate.

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