Genealogy Software Tutorials

The genealogy software that I use is RootsMagic. They have been having video tutorials available on-line that they call Webinars. You can sign up to watch the presentation live on the internet. There was a session last night and I got the time wrong. I tuned in as the session was just ending. Not to despair, as the session was available for download, today. So I was able to watch the session in my available time. In fact, all the past sessions are available on the RootsMagic webinar page where you and I can also sign up for future sessions. I found that I have learned some capabilities of RootsMagic that I didn’t know about from every session.

If you are using Legacy Family Tree for your genealogy software, they also have webinars that you can sign up for and an archive of past webinars some of which are only available for a short time. There are also a few past webinars that are available on a CD. Visit the Legacy webinar page for a listing. None of their webinars deal with using the software, instead they want to sell you CDs with training in the use of the program.

Many more people use Family Tree Maker as their genealogy software. The best place to find tutorials on the use of that genealogy program is on YouTube. If you search for “Family Tree Maker” you end up with over 300 videos. It is best to also add the version (year; ie. 2010, 2011) that you are using to get a smaller choice of videos.

For you MAC users, the best genealogy program is probably Reunion from LeisterPro. They also have a page with a few video tutorials on using their software. Reunion also is available as apps for iPad ($15) and iPhone and iPod Touch ($15) but you have to first own the MAC version which is usually priced at $99.