Rush History

I upload Rush In Retrospect…, which is a history of the Town of Rush that was published in 1968. Rush was formed March 13, 1818 from the Town of Avon. It has always been a mostly farming town. In 1850 the population was 2,015 and today the estimated population is only 3.475. Not a great increase but many farming communities have seen a loss of population over the years.

This history was written by Bessie Alice Hallock. She was appointed the first Town Historian in 1944 and served at that post until 1968. She attended Northwestern University, majoring in dramatics. She directed the plays of the Rush Dramatic Club and served as president of the Ingleside Club, which she helped found with her mother for many years. That organization was responsible for starting the Rush Library. Bessie was also the town’s welfare officer for 21 years, having been appointed to the the office by Supervisor Goff in 1943.

The Town of Rush is notable for having the State School at Industry which was a place for wayward boys. In 1920 there were approximately 900 boys located at the school and livingin small cottages. Now the area is fenced off with razor wire and only has about 30 boys.

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