Old News – Liberty Loan

This was on the front page of the local newspaper. It was used to get money for the Third Liberty Loan where people would buy bonds from the US Government to help pay for World War I. At that time the government couldn’t run a deficit. People would eventually get their bonds paid off at 4.5% interest.

The Honeoye Falls Times

Thursday, April 25, 1918

Our boys, the boys from this town and this county and this state, are fighting the Huns. They are in the trenches in France, they are sailing the U-boat infested seas, they are going “over the top” in the face of German cannon and machine gun fire.

Many, many more of our boys are now training and will soon be in France, and more are yet to be called.

And remember, these are our boys; those who are near and dear to us. They are doing their ALL. They are giving their ALL. They are prepared to make the extreme sacrifice that our homes, out town, our nation, may escape the ravages of the Hun..

We want them – one and all – to come back to us-

Will you support our boys while they are fighting for us, fighting the German autocracy that seeks to destroy our ideals of liberty and justice?

Compared to their heroic sacrifice our par is but small – that of providing the funds to keep them equipped; to build and man the ships that will transport their food, their clothes, their guns and their ammunition, and to pay for these things.

Yes, we, the people of this community, will support our boys.

We will do it by buying bonds of the Third Liberty Loan; by buying all these bonds we can; by making such sacrifices as are necessary to do this. That will be our support for Our Boys.