1937 Chesbronian Yearbook

I uploaded The Chesbronian 1937. That is the yearbook for Chesbrough Seminary (and High School) in North Chili. That is now known as Roberts Wesleyan College. At that time it was a two year college. It gave certificates in theological courses, business and music. Some of the students would go on to other colleges to get Bachelor degrees. There was also a high school at the college but it didn’t have very many students.

The upper class, called Sophomores, had 30 students (2 without pictures. There are 35 pictures out of 40 of the Freshman. Then there are 9 high school Seniors pictured. Even most of the High School underclassmen have individual pictures.

Although the yearbook is only 48 pages, there are pictures of the activity groups and sports pictures. It appears that they had basketball teams that only played other students in the school.

There are 6 pages of ads with about half being for businesses in Chili and the other half for business in Rochester.

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  1. Couldn’t believe it but I actually know one of the sophomores in this annual. He was my best friend’s father and lived in Ithaca during the 1950-1970s.

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