Talk on Newspaper Photographer

Albert Stone & his camera

This Tuesday, Glenn Galbraith will give a talk about his great-great grandfather Albert R. Stone. He was  Rochester’s first newspaper staff photographer and a pioneering photojournalist. Glenn will discuss his family lineage and the story of how a collection of thousands of glass plates was saved by his grandmother. It inspired Glenn to re-photograph images (baring urban development).

Glenn Galbraith holds a Certificate in Film and Media Preservation and a B.S. in Photography Gallery Management. In addition to his current work at the Livonia Area Preservation & Historical Society he is Curator of the Stone Family Collection; consisting of glass plate negatives, prints, books, scrapbooks, newspaper clippings and other artifacts related to Stone photographic lineage. He also has ROC Archive, a regional archive dedicated to the collection, preservation and accessibility of the region’s audiovisual media.

This talk is being presented by the Greece Historical Society. It is at the Greece Public Library (2 Vincent Tofany Blvd.) at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. March 8th.

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  1. Hi Dick,

    Thank you for this information and the link to ROC Archive. I look forward to exploring it soon. Oh, how I wish I could attend Glenn Galbraith’s presentation!

    It’s wonderful that his grandmother was able to save the collection of glass plates. I’ve heard that often families used glass plate photographs to repair broken windows, and they became lost to their descendants. One of my cousins inherited a number of glass plates from our family, but I haven’t heard recently if they survived a move across county.

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