Cleaning Tombstones

I bought a quart of D/2 Biological Cleaner on the internet. It is one of the few recommended solutions that can used to clean tombstones. It isn’t cheap. The quart cost about $30.

On Saturday I went down to Allegany County to clean the tombstones of my great-grandparents and other family members; 7 total. The hardest part was after spraying on the D/2 you are supposed to wait 10 to 15 minutes. I had to walk around the cemetery and look  for more distant family because I’m so impatient. Most of the tombstones had lichens that had taken over on them. The worse tombstone was the one for a cousin’s husband, Frank Favaloro. The top of the picture is from 2012 and the bottom of picture is after my clean up. I just used a soft brush and those nasty old lichens came right off. When I took the new picture it was still a little wet. I would bet it looks even better today. I am so happy to get these tombstone cleaned up.

D/2 has been used to clean the White House, the Acropolis and Ellis Island so you know it is safe. The best part of the liquid is that it makes it harder for lichens and algae to grow back.


  1. Hi Dick,

    Thank you for this post. Wow! What a difference! You honored your family members by cleaning their stones and making them more readable, and that’s beautiful.

    I wish I lived closer. I’ve seen pictures on Find a Grave of family stones all over New York State. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see them, and I’m very grateful to the people who have posted the pictures.

    Some of the stones look like they need cleaning and/or repairs, and I hope to be able to do more about it in the future.

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