1942 Chesbronian Yearbook

I uploaded The Chesbronian 1942 yearbook. The school was known then as  Chesbrough Seminary but you will know it better by t’s current name; Roberts Wesleyan College. There was also a high school at the college but it didn’t have very many students.

This was the 75th anniversary of the school so they also include events and pictures from earlier times. The drawing is the first school building that was built in 1869.

There were just 42 students in the upper class, called Sophomores. Then there are pictures of 37 Freshmen. The high school only had 7 students graduating.

There are both girl’s and boy’s soccer and basketball. The teams only played other students in the school. It appears that the largest group is the choir.

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  1. Thanks, Dick. My son-in-law, both his parents, and one of his grandmothers attended this college (RWC). Now my son-in-law and daughter both work there.

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