Old News – Poll

Support for the war in Vietnam is starting to decrease in 1968. One of the first groups to call for the U.S. to pull out of Vietnam are college students. This article is from the newspaper of SUNY Brockport.


Friday, May 17, 1968


Students polled by the nationwide CHOICE ’68 National Presidential Primary voted in favor of a phased reduction of U.S. military activity in Vietnam, temporary suspension of the bombing, and education as the area that should receive the highest priority in government spending to meet the “urban crisis.” The poll was sponsored by TIME magazine and Sperry Rand’s Univac Division.

45% of the students polled favored reduction of U.S. military efforts in Vietnam and 17% favored reduction of U.S. military while 31 voted for an “all-out U.S. military effort.”

29% voted for a suspension of bombing, 28% for cessation, while 25% voted to intensify the bombing in North Vietnam. 11% favored the current level of bombing and 4% favored the use of nuclear weapons.

Education and job training were favored for top-priority in federal urban spending with 40% and 39% respectively. Riot control was third with 12%. Housing with 6% and income subsidy with 3% were fourth and fifth.